global trademark registration in Chennai

Global trademark registration in Chennai, In basic terms, a trademark is a brand or logo which addresses your business. A visual image like a word signature, name, gadget, name, numerals, or blend of tones utilized by the proprietor of the trademark for products or administrations or other articles of trade to recognize it from other comparable merchandise or administrations beginning from various organizations. A trademark can be a word, image, logo, trademark, covering, bundling names, slogan, or a mix of these and are utilized by makers or specialist co-ops to distinguish their own items as well as administrations. It is utilized to recognize the proprietors’ items or administrations from those of its rivals.


Global trademark registration in Chennai follows the procedure as below.

Trademark search 

The major reason for enlisting a trademark is to advance and ensure inventive and special thoughts. That is the reason, trademark registration must be accomplished for remarkable trademarks, as distinguished by the Indian Trademark Authority. 

In this way, guarantee that your trademark is novel and not replicated or takes after another trademark. You can do an exhaustive inquiry on the trademark data set on the authority site to discover that the trademark you have submitted is special. The site gives a total rundown of various trademarks alongside their status. You will come to think about the enrolled, applied, went against, protested or deserted trademarks. On the off chance that your trademark coordinates with the ones on the site, the outcome will show on the site. 

Be that as it may, if your trademark is special and matches to none on the site, the outcome will be ‘no matches found’. In the event that you discover this outcome, your trademark is interesting and you can begin documenting your trademark enlistment on the web. 

Filing the application 

Whenever you’ve checked the uniqueness of your trademark you would then be able to document the trademark enlistment application either electronically or actually by Global trademark registration in Chennai. To document the application actually, you need to submit Form TM-An alongside amount as charges in the event that you are an individual, little venture or start-up. 

Trademark enlistment online should likewise be possible by documenting an online application and paying charges through Global trademark registration in Chennai. After the effective fulfilment of the application, a receipt will be delivered with your TM number. 

Examination of the documented application 

When the application is filed, it will be examined by the recorder of trademarks to decide the exactness. The recorder will assess if the applied trademark holds fast to all the guidelines determined under the Trademark ACT, 1999. 

Also, the recorder will ensure that the trademark referenced in the application is remarkable and not in struggle with any of the current trademarks. On the off chance that the recorder is fulfilled by their discoveries they will endorse your application and distribute it in the trademark diary. In any case, on the off chance that they go over any inconsistencies, they may mention criticisms. 

Answering to complaints 

This progression ought to be followed if a complaint is raised by the recorder. Protests are raised according to the arrangements in segment 9 and 11 of the Trademarks Act, 1999. The candidate will then, at that point need to answer to the complaints and demonstrate that their trademark doesn’t encroach the privileges of existing trademarks. 

Publication of the trademark 

When the recorder endorses the application, they will likewise support the trademark enlistment process to be published in the Trademark diary. A trademark diary is a week after week distribution that contains the thorough subtleties of each trademark enlistment application. 

A trademark is published in the diary for 90 days. Any outsider can show their objection to the proposed trademark on the off chance that they discover that enrolling this proposed trademark will abuse or encroach their right. 

On the off chance that the enlistment center gets a resistance for the proposed trademark, they will plan a consultation. In this conference, both petitioners will be allowed an opportunity to introduce their side of the story and follow it up with proof to help their cases. 

In the event that the application gets no resistance, or, the enlistment center principles in support of yourself after the conference, then, at that point the trademark will go for registration. 

Taking everything into account, trademark enlistment online through Global trademark registration in Adayar, Chennai is a truly basic interaction. Also, the charges are lower when you do the registration on the web. Nonetheless, ensure you have all the archives in advance while recording the online application.


June 30, 2021: ln Pursuance of the Tribunals Reforms (Rationalization and Conditions of Service) Ordinance 2021, the Intellectual Property Appellate Board stands disintegrated with impact from April 4, 2021. Kindly discover extra subtleties on the statute here. 

May 21, 2021: India’s Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks will stay shut to people in general until May 17. The due dates for different demonstrations/procedures, recording of any answer/archive, payment of charges, and so on after March 25 will be chosen/requested by the Honourable High Court of Delhi. E-recording will stay unaffected and be accessible day in and day out. 

February 11, 2021: India’s Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks has delivered Patents (Amendment) Rules 2021.


What are the characteristics of a decent trademark? 

A decent trademark registered by Online Global trademark registration in Guindy, Chennai ought to have the accompanying characteristics 

Simple to articulate, spell, recollect. 

Ought to be unmistakable and ought not to have misleading comparability. 

Ought not to be spellbinding. 

Commendatory word/words, for example, best, wonderful and so on to be kept away from. 

Is the enrolment of trademark obligatory in India? 

No, enrolment of a Trademark isn’t obligatory in India yet it is fitting to do as such. 

What are the advantages of an enlisted trademark? 

When registration is done by Global trademark registration in Hyderabad, the below advantages are obtained.

Recognizes the beginning of merchandise and administrations. 

Promotes products and administrations. 

Watchmen the business generosity of a dealer. 

Shields the blameless public from purchasing products of inferior quality. 

How is a trademark assigned in India? 

A trademark is assigned by the accompanying: 

™ (for an unregistered trademark, that is, an imprint used to advance or brand merchandise); 

® (for an enlisted trademark)